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  • Report Cards for semester One

    Report Cards for semester One

    16 Jun 2017

    Report cards are being issued Friday June 16, 2017

  • The Flock is Coming

    The Flock is Coming

    29 Apr 2016

    As a P&C fundraiser, the flock of Flamingos are here. Get in and nominate your friends and family...

  • Cross Country

    Cross Country

    22 Mar 2016

    The Cordalba State School cross country event was held Tuesday March 22

  • Year 2/3 Excursion

    Year 2/3 Excursion

    01 Mar 2016

    The year 2 and 3 went to Childers Historical Museum as a culmination of their History assessment

  • The storm that hit our school

    The storm that hit our school

    02 Nov 2015

    we were unfortunate to have a severe storm pass over our school and cause a bit of damage, but...

  • Pizza Day

    Pizza Day

    28 Aug 2015

    As a student Council fundraiser Miss Ang offered her expertise and a pizza day was organised.

  • School Leaders for 2015

    School Leaders for 2015

    08 May 2015

    The school leaders for 2015 were presented with their badges on Friday.

  • Bullying, NO WAY!

    Bullying, NO WAY!

    20 Mar 2015

    Friday March 20, Cordalba State School students participated in a day based on the anti bullying...

  • #putoutyourbats


    01 Dec 2014

    Our school remembers Phillip Hughes. #putoutyourbats

  • Rugby League Champions

    Rugby League Champions

    25 Jul 2014

    Congratulations to the boys who competed in the Bundaberg Interschool Friday Sports competition...

  • Camp Tallebudgera

    Camp Tallebudgera

    09 May 2014

    Students in years 4 to 7 attended Camp Tallebudgera on the Gold Coast.

  • Junior Fort is Ready to go.

    Junior Fort is Ready to go.

    22 Apr 2014

    The resurfacing of the junior fort is finished and ready for use.

  • Author Visit

    Author Visit

    27 Mar 2014

    The prep/ year 1 class went to see the author of 'Funky Chicken; A Bushy Tale of Crocs and Chooks'.

  • OWL Project Launched

    OWL Project Launched

    20 Mar 2014

    The OWL (Our Wicked Learning) project was launched at a special parade today.

  • Thanks for the Woolworths stickers

    Thanks for the Woolworths stickers

    18 Mar 2014

    Thankyou to all the people who sent in the Woolworths stickers for us to collect.

  • Shave For a Cure

    Shave For a Cure

    14 Mar 2014

    Special thanks to Mrs Leeson, who participated in the Worlds Greatest Shave.

  • School Leaders Induction

    School Leaders Induction

    14 Mar 2014

    The new school leaders for 2014 were inducted on Parade with Cr Tony Ricciardi presenting their...

  • Crazy Hair Day

    Crazy Hair Day

    14 Mar 2014

    Cordalba State School held a crazy hair day to coincide with Mrs Leeson's participation in the...

  • Junior Fort Upgrade

    Junior Fort Upgrade

    11 Mar 2014

    The junior fort is undergoing an upgrade to improve the safety of the children.

  • Prep students receive their XO computers

    Prep students receive their XO computers

    21 Feb 2014

    Prep students have received their XO laptop computers. Each student in pre - year 4 now have...

  • The Ekka Excursion

    The Ekka Excursion

    15 Aug 2013

    Year 7 went to Brisbane on the Tilt Train to go to the EKKA.

  • Small School Sports Day

    Small School Sports Day

    12 Jul 2013

    Cordalba, St Josephs and Goodwood schools all get together to compete in the Small Schools...

  • Cordalba Athletics Carnival

    Cordalba Athletics Carnival

    09 Jul 2013

    Cordalba State School athletics carnival was held at the Childers showgrounds. A great day was had...

  • Prep to Year 4 Excursion

    Prep to Year 4 Excursion

    18 Jun 2013

    Prep to year 4 went to the Hervey Bay Historical Village as a culmination of the topic they have...

  • Simultaneous Storytelling and Literacy Day

    Simultaneous Storytelling and Literacy Day

    22 May 2013

    Nations Simultaneous storytelling and literacy day was held and a great day was had by all.

  • Camp Tallebudgera

    Camp Tallebudgera

    10 May 2013

    Students in year 4, 5, 6 and 7 attended Tallebudgera Camp.

  • Playgroup


    22 Apr 2013

    Playgroup has started at Cordalba School. It is open to all non school children and cost $2 each...

  • Gabba Excursion

    Gabba Excursion

    09 Nov 2012

    Students in year 5, 5 and 7 were treated to a trip to watch the first day of the test match between...

  • Footprints


    24 Oct 2012

    As a part of the Bundaberg Region Crush Festival we created big footprints using natural materials...

  • CSIRO Science Expo

    CSIRO Science Expo

    27 Aug 2012

    The CSIRO visited our school and showed the students some fun physics as a way of promoting science...

  • EKKA excursion

    EKKA excursion

    16 Aug 2012

    Year 7 students from Cordalba State School went on an excursion to the EKKA, Thursday 16th August...

  • Cameron Stelzer visit

    Cameron Stelzer visit

    27 Jul 2012

    Dr Cameron Stelzer visited our school and conducted workshops with the classes throughout teh day.

  • Multicultural Visitors

    Multicultural Visitors

    24 Jul 2012

    We were fortunate to have multicultural visitors today as a part of the multicultural festival, an...

  • New Building is Operational

    New Building is Operational

    09 Jul 2012

    The new building is now operational and the year 7's are extremely happy to be in their new...

  • A new building

    A new building

    15 Jun 2012

    Cordalba gets a new building.

  • Robotics Challenge

    Robotics Challenge

    12 Jun 2012

    Year 7 students at Cordalba State School participated in the robotics challenge at the Central...

  • Interhouse Sports Day

    Interhouse Sports Day

    09 Jun 2012

    On 7th and 8th of June Cordalba held it's interhouse sports day.

  • The Very Cranky Bear

    The Very Cranky Bear

    23 May 2012

    The very cranky bear literacy day.

  • Year 5, 6, 7 Bucca Retreat camp

    Year 5, 6, 7 Bucca Retreat camp

    20 Mar 2012

    Year 5,6,7 students attended a leadership camp at Bucca Retreat.

  • The Gruffalo's Child

    The Gruffalo's Child

    15 Mar 2012

    Students in prep, year 1,2,3 and 4 at Cordalba State School, went to Bundaberg to watch The...

  • Prep year 1 and year 2 excursion

    Prep year 1 and year 2 excursion

    25 Nov 2011

    The Prep, year 1 and year 2 class went on an excursion to Hervey Bay as a culmination of the terms...

  • Using iPods and iPads in the classroom

    Using iPods and iPads in the classroom

    17 Oct 2011

    We are trialling the use of iPads and iPods in the year 1 and 2 class and the prep class.

  • Teachers do the learning

    Teachers do the learning

    17 Oct 2011

    As a part of their Professional Development, Mr McLellan and Mrs Jones travelled to Melbourne to...

  • Year 1 and 2 excursion

    Year 1 and 2 excursion

    06 Sep 2011

    Year 1 and 2 excursion to Hinkler Hall of Aviation as a part of their transport theme.

  • Camp Fairbairn

    Camp Fairbairn

    07 Aug 2011

    Year 4 to 7 travelled to Emerald for 2011 camp. Camp 2011

  • OWL (Our Wicked Learning) Project launch

    Today was the launch of our OWL (Our Wicked Learning) Project.

  • Junior fort ready for students

    The junior fort is now ready for the students to use at the beginning of term 2.